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Get Educated: Caring for Your Child’s Mental Health and Wellness

Get Educated: Caring for Your Child’s Mental Health and Wellness

FREE community workshop for parents on March 1st at Arapahoe Community College.  This event is co-sponsored by LPS, Sheridan, and Englewood in partnership with multiple community organizations.   See link for more information: Free Community Workshop      

Pennies for Patients Update

Pennies for Patients Update

Pennies for Patients Update   We are pleased to report that the grand total collected for Pennies for Patients this year was $9532.98!! The generosity of the Wilder community continues to amaze as the students stepped up in a big way to help raise money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Soc...

Wilder Spring Fundraiser

Wilder Spring Fundraiser

Please use the following link for the Wilder Spring Fundraiser: wilderpto.ejoinme.org/MyEvents/2016SpringFundraiser    

February is Kindness Month at Wilder!

February is Kindness Month at Wilder!

 We will be focusing on Kindness all month long.  Students have been challenged to complete the "Great Kindness Challenge."  Students received a checklist today with 50 ways to be kind.  In addition, we have these events planned: February 2-5-  Listen to daily Kindness Quot...

LPS Community Night at the Colorado Avalanche Wednesday-February 17th

LPS Community Night at the Colorado Avalanche Wednesday-February 17th

Morning Drop Off in Front of Wilder

Morning Drop Off in Front of Wilder

 Morning Drop off in front of Wilder Elementary Reminders: To ensure everyone’s safety please follow these guidelines for drop off in front of the building. There is NO parking across the street from Wilder.  Students cannot get out of cars across the street from Wilder.   ...

Application for meal benefits
(free-or-reduced lunch)

LPS Nutrition Services 




Happy New Year!

Students and staff returned to school this week after a refreshing winter break. There are many stories of vacations, ski days, and even restful days that rejuvenated our minds and body.

In March 2015 our current 4th and 5th graders took the PARCC assessment. It is now known as CMAS (Colorado Measure of Academic Success) as it was adopted by Colorado as our state assessment. The district assessment department has been analyzing state, district, and student results; LPS scored among the highest in the state. As a team, our teachers, have begun to analyze the data and will spend time in the upcoming months drilling into performance level descriptors, subject components and aligning these to Colorado Academic Standards. We will then ensure our instruction is compatible K-5.

While the days continue to move along, there are areas we always focus on. First and foremost is academics, many teachers are spending time after school to participate in professional development being offered at the building or at the district level. We want to ensure our instruction is based on research, meeting student needs, and the most current strategies are in use.

Another high priority for our building is the safety and security of your children. As a reminder, the following are our safety procedures and expectations that we hold in high regard:

Safety and Emergency Procedures and Expectations

At Wilder, our number one priority is the safety of our students.  In an effort to help parents understand what happens when there is a safety concern or an emergency, we are sharing the following terms and definitions as well as some communication information and expectations.

Terms and Definitions

Secured Perimeter:  If students are outside they move inside. Students, staff, and visitors are allowed to move within the building. No one is permitted in or out of the building.  Secured Perimeter is used if there is a situation somewhere in the area but school is not in danger.

Lockdown:  No one is permitted in or out of the building.  Classroom doors are locked and classroom lights are turned off.   Everyone in the building is out of the halls or open areas.  Everyone needs to remain quiet.  Teachers/staff don’t open doors (class or building) for anyone.   

Evacuation:  Is used to get students and staff out of the building by a safe route.  

Room Clear:  Is used to send students away from a potential problem or threat.  Students are sent to a designated safe area.

Communication Process

As a school and a district, we use the terms above to communicate the specific action teachers, students and staff need to take.  We support students by letting them know there is a situation that requires us to use our safety procedures.  When warranted, we explain to students that the police want us to stay inside or in the classroom for our continued safety.

We appreciate parents understanding that our first and highest priority is the safety of students.  As a result, communication to parents will be sent as quickly as possible, but may not be possible while responding to safety or emergency situations. Additionally, we always want to ensure that we are sharing accurate information. What is initially reported via local media is not always accurate or complete. Depending on the situation, information will be available on the district website and/or sent via the Infinite Campus messenger system.  We appreciate parents’ effort to keep contact information in Infinite Campus up to date.

As a school and a district we practice emergency procedures throughout the year. This includes fire drills, tornado drills, and emergency drills as outlined above. Students and staff feel better prepared when we practice and everyone knows what to do.

Parent and Community Reminder

While Colorado is a concealed weapons carrying state, guns and weapons are not allowed on the grounds of any public K-12 school at any time. These incidents are reported to law enforcement agencies for further investigation.

I appreciate the support you provide our teachers, staff, and your children as we work together to ensure learning is our priority throughout the year.  

Susan Dalton, principal






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